Positive Focused Dog Training and Behavior Modification


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For upcoming classes please contact Susan at 520-371-1784 leftpawed@msn.com

 Upcoming Classes:

  • Puppy Kindergarten 
  •  Basic Manners 
  •  Private Sessions 

*Puppy Kindergarten - 10 weeks to 5 mos. Must have at least 2 rounds of shots Vaccinations for age

Some of cues taught: Sit, Down,Off, Come, Leash Manners and Wait.

Crate and Housetraining will also be covered. 6 weeks / $80.00

*Basic Manners - 6 mos and older. Vaccinations must be up todate with Proof of Rabies.

 Specialized training techniques for adolescent and adult dogs. Cues taught: Sit, Down, Off, Come, Wait, Leash Manners, Leave It and Drop It. Topics covered: Jumping on People, Barking, Counter surfing, digging and chewing.

6 weeks / $80.00

Private Sessions in your home or mine.

Individualized focus on Behaviors and Goals you would like to work on with

your dog. Call for Rates.